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Photographic Exhibition Sufis: A Look at the Mystics of Contemporary Islam

Sufis: A Look at the Mystics of Contemporary Islam (vernissage) vrijdag 25 oktober 2019 - 17:00 TOKO, Statiestraat 139, Berchem Kif Kif, TOKO and the Arabic Studies department of the KULeuven present the beautiful photographs of Francesco Piraino. The aim of this exhibition is to show different facets of contemporary Sufism as a religious, cultural and human mosaic. You will (almost) not see a whirling dervish, but you will see the dhikr, the invocation and remembrance of the “most beautiful” [...]

Some Preliminary Thoughts with Pictures on Sufi Festivals

  Sufi festivals are mushrooming, influencing how Sufism is perceived both inside and outside Islamic communities. Some of them are financed by national states, others are independent, some express Islamic and Sufi orthodoxy, others represent a universal and de-Islamised knowledge. Hence, it is difficult to generalise about possible common trends. What is certain is that there is a lack of research on this subject. The most important festivals are: – Festival de la Culture Soufie in Fez (Morocco) – […]

A Short Algerian reportage: Sufis of Temacine

These pictures depict the story of my trip to Temacine (Algeria), a small town and oasis facing the Sahara, in the South-East of the country. In January 2018, I spent 10 days with the Tijaniyya Sufi order, which is among the most important orders in the world, especially influential in Maghreb and West Africa. The founder of the Sufi order, Abu al-ʿAbbās Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tijānī (1735–1815), is considered by his disciples a saint of his time. His legacy is [...]

Mamma Schiavona

Mamma Schiavona Mamma Schiavona, literally ‘‘Mother Slave,’’ is an icon of the Virgin Mary situated in the sanctuary of Montevergine, near Avellino in the southern Italy. Mamma Schiavona is celebrated on 12 September—the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary—and on 2 February—Candlemas, the presentation of Jesus at the Temple—with the iuta , that is, the climb to the sanctuary. Mary of Montevergine, who is a black Madonna, is called Mamma Schiavona by believers; unfortunately, it does not seem to be possible to retrace the etymology [...]