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A Sufi, a Map, and the Crafty Serenissima

Global Sufism Book Cover ©HURST     I’m thrilled to present to you the book Global Sufism: Boundaries, Structures, and Politics that I co-edited with Prof. Mark Sedgwick. I’m particularly proud because in this book we discuss a range of quite different topics, such as rap, literature, international politics, Sufi doctrines, etc., and because this book possesses a good balance between young and confirmed scholars. Furthermore, this book is based on the first event that I organized at the Cini Foundation  [...]

Some Preliminary Thoughts with Pictures on Sufi Festivals

  Sufi festivals are mushrooming, influencing how Sufism is perceived both inside and outside Islamic communities. Some of them are financed by national states, others are independent, some express Islamic and Sufi orthodoxy, others represent a universal and de-Islamised knowledge. Hence, it is difficult to generalise about possible common trends. What is certain is that there is a lack of research on this subject. The most important festivals are: – Festival de la Culture Soufie in Fez (Morocco) – […]

Sufism and Politics in Contemporary Societies: Ethics and Democracy

The Sufi renewal of the 21st century, in particular in Europe and the Maghreb, is characterised by charismatic Sufi Masters, considered as “living saints”, such as Shaykh Nazim (Naqshbandiyya), Shaykh Hamza (Būdshīshiyya), Muzafer Ozak (Jerrahiyya-Khalwatiyya) and Shaykh Bentounes (ʿAlāwiyya). These Sufi Masters were capable of attracting new disciples from different cultures, ethnicities, social classes, and backgrounds, and gathered thousands of disciples. Finally, this renewed Sufism has started to play an important role in the public sphere. A specific theology does […]